ARRI ERM-2400 Ext 2.4 GHz RXD-TXD Pro Set LCS

ARRI ERM-2400 Ext 2.4 GHz RXD-TXD Pro Set LCS

ARRI ERM-2400 Ext 2.4 GHz RXD-TXD Pro Set LCS

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Product info

An ERM-2400 LCS set of radio modules basically extends an LCS/LBUS/EXT (CAN bus) cable connection over air. As such, it can connect ARRI and cmotion hand units to cameras and motor controllers and they behave as if they were hard-wired, but with an exceptionally great wireless range (up to 1000 meter / 3280 ft).

Long description


  • K2.0037440 2x ERM-2400,LCS, Single Module
  • K2.0033763 2x ERM-2400 Rubber Duck Antenna
  • K2.0036900 2x ERM LCS to FS CAN Bus Adapter Cable, 0.2m/0.65ft
  • K2.0036903 2x ERM LBUS to FS CAN Bus Adapter Cable, 0.2m/0.65ft
  • K2.0036901 1x ERM EXT. to FS CAN Bus Adapter Cable, 0.2m/0.65ft
  • K2.0036902 1x ERM D-Tap Pwr Cable, 0B Lemo 2pin to D-Tap, 1m/3.2ft
  • K2.0033762 2x SRH FS CAN Bus Cable, 1m/3.2ft

The ERM-2400 LCS module is compatible with equipment supporting LCS, EXT and LBUS protocols. A pair of ERM-2400 LCS modules can replace a cabled connection between two devices, for example:

  • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Plus camera (LCS socket)
  • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Mini camera (EXT socket)
  • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and ALEXA Mini LF camera (EXT socket)
  • WCU-4 or SXU-1 and UMC-4 (LCS socket)
  • Master Grip or OCU-1 and cforce motor
  • cmotion cPRO hand unit and cforce motor
  • ARRI Wheels DRW-1 and Digital Encoder Head DEH-1

The OCU-1 override function is not supported with ERM-2400 LCS, because override is not possible in hardwired mode neither. 

The basic set is only supplied with adapter cables. Recommended and required optional extension cables:

  • SRH FS CAN Bus Cable, 10m/32.8ft K2.0019302
  • SRH FS CAN Bus Cable, 25m/82ft K2.0019301
  • SRH FS CAN Bus Coupler, 0.2m/0.65ft K2.0019300

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